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Deşteaptă-te, Române!

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name: Joselle
age: Old enough :T
experience: Four years of roleplaying. A year and a half of Hetalia.

nation: România

name: Nicoleta Roșu
nickname(s):  Nico, if you get along real well with her, she doesn't mind being called 'Kitten'
age: 23
date of birth: December 1st
hometown: Bucharest, Romania
occupation: Bartender at the Chueca
residence: Some apartment in downtown

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I think I am depressed

I need some sort of excitement in my life again. Ever since this fucking Lent season, I haven't been able to eat anything decent at all. Here I am... being masochistic and google-imaging all these fucking delicious food.

God this better be worth it.
Good grief

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... I am wondering if this will ever be over. this prince edward guy is a cute and sweet guy.

It better be over soon... fuck i think i'm falling for him sort of fuckfuckuckfuk

Why can't things ever be normal for once?

EDIT: He's gone.

[ Nicoleta is feeling kind of lonely now. ]
Weak smile

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Hi guys. I just got home today frooom the hospital. Looks like bedrest for the next couple of days. If any of you haven't heard the story, me and two other pals went camping. Stuff happened and... let's say I have to go to a funeral next week. I'm not really in the mood to talk about it.

I'm happy to be home. Gigi (my cat) meowed at me. Fucking Christ he usually never does that. I probably caused a lot of trouble but... da. My phone also won't be activated until I get another sim card. So I'll retext everyone and all.

But um.

There is this cute guy asshole prince stalking me. He wears purple with poofy sleeves and a cape. He has a fucking sword and a fucking white horse. And no I'm not done. He fucking sings to me. Outside of my house. I can't even sleep when he's going You've been dreaming of a true love's kiss shit and something about princesses and fuck. Oh his name is 'Prince Edward' or something.

Ok if it is a prank, I want whoever did this to me to come up to me so I can probably thank you.

but he is a bit charming and funny but this is getting too weird

Edit: Why the fuck is everyone posting weird shit on their blogs. Is this happening to everyone?
Cocky; Demanding; Aggressive

[AP] Prince Edward

Nicoleta had requested to go home by Saturday or Sunday by the latest. While sitting upright on the hospital bed, she was reading a Victoria's Secret magazine and all of the expensive bras and undies they had for sale. For some reason, no one has visited her yet since Thursday. Honestly she was beginning to feel a little lonely again.


The door slammed open with an incredible force and there stood a man in a gaudy outfit, who was holding what looked like three cages of bluebirds. He flashed her a wide grin and then winked.

Although she had to admit he had a cute face. She didn't even...

Suddenly, he opened all of the cages, causing the birds to fly about. Nicoleta managed to scramble to the window and open it for all of the birds to fly out. Then he began singing in a sweet and harmonious baritone voice that twisted her insides.

"YOU'VE BEEN DREAAMING OF A TRUE LOVE'S KISS~~ And a prince you're hoping comes with this--" He pulled out a rose and then handed it to her. "That's what brings everaftering so hap-py... and that's the reason we need lips so much, four lips are the only things that toooouch~~"

The rambunctious man waltzed over to her bed, propped a leg on the visitor's chair, and then opened his arms at Nicoleta. She stared.

He coughed. "So to spend a life in endless bliss---No matter! You will get this one." The 'prince' cleared his throat and then resumed, "You're the fairest maid I've ever met! You were made... to...?"

By this time had already called for the nurse. "Hello? There is this WEIRD ASS GUY IN MY ROOM. Remove him immediately."

"Wait---! You were supposed to finish our duet!" But too late. Two tall male nurses with faces that said, "We get paid to do this shit".  And thus, he was dragged away, kicking and flailing as he was trying to 'explain' something to her. 
She then tried to convince herself that it was all a dream and then resumed looking through the magazine. If that was the mafia's way of trying to cheer her up, then that was fucking weird.